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Keepsakes & Memorials

Nature's Adornments Keepsakes & Memorials




May your grief fade swiftly and your memories last a lifetime.

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Resin Keepsakes

Custom handmade jewelry, accessories, ornaments & more. Perfect for commemorating life's special moments. Made using high-quality resin & your special materials to preserve your memories for a lifetime.

Wall Keepsakes

Preserving your special flowers to enjoy for a lifetime. Your flowers will be professionally pressed or silica dried to create pressed flower, flake flower or 3-D relief style hanging canvas wall art. Your canvas will be covered in a thick, protective coat of resin for a long lasting, durable keepsake that you can frame or leave unframed for a minimalistic look.  Honor the memory of loved ones or commemorate the special moments in life. 



Nature's Adornments is an online store offering keepsake jewelry, accessories, ornaments and more along with preserved flower wall keepsakes. I am passionate about creating unique and meaningful pieces that capture life's special moments. High-quality materials, skilled techniques and your special materials come together to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to become treasured keepsakes. 


I appreciate the fact that I come into my client's lives at both the happiest times and the saddest times.

I hope to make those happy moments a bit brighter; keeping the memories of your special events fresh.

I also hope to ease the loss for those going through their worst moments. 

Thank you for choosing Nature's Adornments.

May your grief fade swiftly and your memories last a lifetime.

Nature's Adornments Keepsake & Memorials
Melinda Cunningham - Nature's Adornments Owner

Melinda Cunningham

Artist - Craftsman - MacaroniGluer

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