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Resin Embellishments


Tinting (does not change pricing unless you need multiple tints with a clear separation) Colors are mixed custom so no swatch samples are available. You are welcome to send a photo example of the color you would like and I will match it as closely as possible. If white is needed to lighten a tint for your custom color, it will make the tint more opaque, and your keepsake materials will not be seen quite as much depending on the tint color vs the color/texture of your Keepsake Materials.

Fur or Hair will affect any tints added to your keepsake…exp. Dark fur will make a bright tint appear darker.

Cremains may make dark tints appear lighter.

*  Visit my Duo-Toned Tinting Listing on my "Additions - Services" page for multiple tinting colors with a clear separation or that will need multiple resin pours. 

Glitter (does not change pricing)

Color of your choice (if I do not already have it, I can get it).

Silver and/or Gold Leaf (does not change pricing)

Metallic Powder (does not change pricing)

Color of your choice; including normal metal colors. Mixed Custom. 

Dried Moss (does not change pricing)

For an earthy look. Available in Sage Green and Tan.

Flower Flakes from my library of dried flowers (may change pricing).

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