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Your Keepsake Materials


Please send your materials to:

Nature's Adornments * 21264 Nelson Lane * Athens, AL 35614

Orders must be made before sending keepsake materials.

Flowers can not be put into the drying process until order is received.

Only Flowers/Petals needed for your order can be processed/dried. Extra flowers will be discarded.

Please remove Ribbon and Pins unless you want them to be used in your keepsake items.

Contact me when your keepsake materials are in the mail so I can be looking out for them.

I will update you upon receipt.


Resin Keepsakes

  • Flowers, Petals, Leaves and other elements can be sent.

  • If you do not think you have enough petals, I can add some greenery or other filler to your keepsake. Otherwise there can just be empty space in your keepsake for more light to show through.

Number of Petals Needed - Below quantities include extra so I can pick the best parts of the petals.

  • Beads / Sm Pendants / Rings:

    • Lg Petals (Lilies) - 3 Petals          Med Petals (Roses) - 6 Petals          Sm Petals (Carnations) – 12 Petals

  • Lg Pendants / Accessories / Sm Ornaments

    • Lg Petals (Lilies) - 6 Petals          Med Petals (Roses) - 12 Petals          Sm Petals (Carnations) – 24 Petals

  • Lg Ornaments / Standing Keepsakes:
    • Lg Petals (Lilies) - 12 Petals          Med Petals (Roses) - 24 Petals          Sm Petals (Carnations) – 48 Petals


Pressed Flower Wall Keepsakes

  • Flowers must be fresh. Ship as soon and as quickly as possible. The only exception is if you have already pressed your flowers.


3-D Relief Wall Keepsakes

  • Flowers can be fresh or dry (if in good shape). If fresh, send in as soon and as quickly as possible.




* Try not to ship over the weekend so they do not get caught up at the post office over Sunday. If needed, you can store your fresh flowers in the refrigerator until you ship them. Make sure they do not freeze. See my FYI section for Flower Refrigeration Guidelines.


* Do not ask for signature receipt to prevent your flowers from returning to the post office. This can be very bad for your flowers, especially in very hot weather.


* If sending fresh flowers, you can leave your flowers intact and loosely wrapped with at least 3 or 4 layers of DRY paper towels. Place in a paper envelope or cardboard box. DO NOT use any envelopes with plastic lining. Do not use bubble wrap, plastic bags or any type of plastic. Try not to pack the flowers too tightly so they can have room for air to circulate.


* If your flowers are NOT COMPLETELY DRY, mail via the fastest way possible that you feel is affordable to you. The condition of your flowers will directly affect the outcome of your keepsake(s). This is especially important in hotter months.



* Please place your dried petals in several layers of paper towels and place in your mailing envelope or box. Do not use any envelopes with plastic lining, bubble wrap or plastic bags unless your flowers are totally dry. Even if your flowers feel dry, they can sweat and condensate if in plastic during transit degrading them further.


* If your flowers are COMPLETELY DRY, you may send your flowers via regular mail as long as you follow the above instructions.


* Please try to send only the amount of flowers that are needed for your order as listed above.

Cremains or Hair/Fur

  • Please place your keepsake material in a double plastic baggie and ship in a padded envelope.

  • Any unused portion of your hair, fur or cremains will be returned with your completed order.


Hair / Fur

  • Send enough hair/fur to fill your keepsake plus a bit extra if you have it (any length), making sure it is free from dirt or debris.

  • Keep in mind that your Hair/Fur may look different in your keepsake.

  • Hair/Fur tends to darken in Resin as if it were wet (White does not darken).

  • With Black Hair/Fur it is more difficult to see the texture/individual hairs.



  • Please send approx. 1 Tbsp of Cremains per bead.    Approx. 1/8 cup for larger Ornaments.

  • Aquamation cremains will appear muddy unlike regular cremains.

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