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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


  • Should I send fresh or dried flowers?

    • For Resin Keepsakes or Flower Flake Wall Keepsakes you can send fresh or dry, however if you send fresh and I dry them, they may retain more of their natural, fresh color.

    • For Pressed Flower Wall Keepsakes your flowers must be sent in fresh unless you have pressed them yourself.


  • What if I would like to dry my own flowers?
    • Please see my FYI section for Flower Drying Guidelines.


  • Can I send old flowers?
    • For Resin Keepsakes or Flower Flake Wall Keepsakes the age of your flowers does not matter as long as they are not molded.
    • For Pressed Flower Wall Keepsakes your flowers must be sent in as fresh as possible unless you have pressed them yourself.


  • Can I send artificial flowers?

    • For Resin Keepsakes, 3-D Relief or Flower Flake Wall Keepsakes you can send Silk, Fabric, Plastic or Wood Flowers (Wood Flowers must already be cut into pieces for Resin Keepsakes and Flower Flake Wall Keepsakes).

    • Flowers must be able to lay flat for Pressed Flower Wall Keepsakes.


  • Can I send in my flowers and have certain flowers go into specific items?

    • Flowers from the same event – Use personalization box upon purchase to let me know colors/types for each keepsake.

    • Flowers from different events - Separate your flowers in different labeled paper envelopes/labeled wraps of paper towels but send in the same box.


  • Can I send in all of my flowers and have the extras returned? Only send in flowers/petals needed for your order based on the petal quantities given on my Instruction Sheet. Extras will not be processed (my instruction sheet asks for about 3 times what I normally need so I will have extras to choose the best petals or parts of the petals).



  • What else can be embedded in my keepsake?

    • Multiple types of materials can be added w/o changing the pricing (example...Flowers & Cremains).

    • Greenery/Floral Filler and other botanical elements.

    • Fabric/Lace, Beads/Pearls/Charms...etc. (clear beads do not show up).

    • Sand/Shells (Already crushed unless in large keepsake)

    • Hair/Fur/Cremains (most hair/fur will darken in resin as if it were wet, however white hair/fur stays white).


  • Can color be added to my keepsake?

    • Tints are available, mixed custom.

    • Glitters, Metallic Powders or Gold or Silver Leaf are also available.

    • You can request a swatch photo of my Metallic Powder colors (the photo would not include the gold, silver and bronze).


  • Which beads will fit a Pandora Style Bracelet?

    • All of my European style beads (beads with grommets) will fit on a Pandora style bracelet. The 16mm x 10mm, The Barrel and Tube Beads are great for stringing on a chain or a cord for a necklace.



  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    • Your estimated order completion time will be 2-6 weeks from the time I receive your keepsake materials.

    • If further orders are made to be competed with the same keepsake materials already received, your orders will ship together and the completion date is based on the date of your last order.


  • Can I call to ask questions?

    • I do not have a business phone number and prefer to keep all discussion via the messaging system so that I can have it for future reference and to avoid confusion.


  • Can I drop off my flowers?

    • Because I work out of a home-studio, for security and zoning reasons, clients are not able to drop off flowers or pick up orders. Flowers and orders must be shipped.


  • Do you offer Rush Orders?

    • Please see my "Additions - Services" section for my Rush Order listing. If it is not listed, I am not able to offer rush orders at this time.


  • Do you offer Quantity Discounts?

    • Due to the handmade, time intensive nature of my keepsake items and my extensive order backlog, I am not able to offer quantity discounts.


  • Can you send photos of my keepsake(s) before shipping?

    • Due to my extensive order backlog and working hours, for efficiency and so all orders can be completed and shipped in a timely manner, I am not able to send photos of keepsakes.

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